HVAC, Electrical Systems, Security, Fire Alarm and Fighting systems Consultancy
All under one roof.
Interact with client, architect and other designers to ascertain the scope of works.
Prepare a draft design criteria document
Finalize the design criteria documents incorporating comments and modifications
Prepare preliminary designs and drawings.
Prepare preliminary technical specifications.
Produce final technical specifications and drawings after necessary co-ordination with other agencies.
Prepare schedule of quantities for unit rate contract
Issue tenders to prospective approved bidders
Prepare bid analysis
Assist in negotiations to select the contractor
Prepare contract documents
Supervise construction
Certify contractor´┐Żs invoices
Supervise O and M Manuals and as built documents.
Prepare List the loads, ascertain maximum demand, dependencies, and backup requirements.
Illumination design in conformity with illuminance and glare control requirements at workplane level.
Small power requirements
Energy plants power requirements
UPS supply requirements
Stabilized power requirements
Prepare single line diagrams.
Prepare Illumination layout including emergency lights, exit signs.
Prepare designs for specialized illumination control systems such as daylight control when required.
Prepare power distribution system layouts.
Prepare Cable schedules and layouts.
Prepare earthing, lightning protection schemes.
Prepare schedule of quantities.
Design, Select, specify, supervise construction and commissioning HVAC systems for:
Comfort air conditioning of office premises
Specialized Data Center air conditioning
Specialized air conditioning system for clean rooms
Specialized air conditioning system for pharmaceutical industry
Specialized air conditioning system for photographic film plants
Specialized air conditioning system for soft gelatin capsule plants
Specialized refrigeration system for chemical industry (brine plants etc)
All above systems generally are designed with following procedures:
Calculate heat load estimates
Size the refrigeration plant
Size the air handling system
Select the air quality maintenance systems
Design ductworks and piping system as applicable
Design air outlets
Design the control system
Prepare schedule of quantities
  Following systems are usually used to support modern facilities requirements
Card access to control the movement of people using swipe, proximity or biological card readers
Close circuit television to monitor and record the movements of goods. The recording can be either analogue or digital. The control station can be local or remote.
Intrusion detection system is using passive infra red devises, vibration sensors or human occupancy sensor.
All the three systems can be integrated and dependencies can be designed for the inter action within all the security systems.
  Fire Alarm and fighting systems designed are:
Conventional type identifying the zone where the smoke or heat is detected.
Analogue addressable with constant periodical polling of each device and fault reporting for individual device and zone.
Conventional type identifying the device where the smoke or heat is detected by digital address of the device.
Most all the above system can be coupled to auto dialer which dials out a pre-recorded message to designated telephone numbers as well as on board event memory with a print out facility. Most of the systems are self-diagnostic type and monitor their components and report any fault.
While designing depending upon clients needs and priorities, system is selected, design drawings prepared after co-ordinating with other services to implement the project as per the general methodology described under A) above.
  Main Fire fighting systems designed are:
Portable fire extinguishers
Dry risers with hose cabinets
Wet risers with Hose reels and hose cabinets
Wet sprinkler system
Pre-action sprinkler system
FM 200 clean agent fire suppression system
Inergen fire suppression system
Nitrogen fire suppression system
CO2 fire suppression system

While designing depending upon clients needs and priorities, system is selected, design drawings prepared after co-ordinating with other services to implement the project as per the general methodology described above.








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